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Hi all,

I have just purchased 2004 ST3 which came with DP pipes, but no paperwork. The bike has done 34K and I am based in Brisbane, Australia.

I have searched these awesome forums and read as much info as I could have (both before purchase and in the past few days) but still have some questions, so I am hoping all you experienced Ducati riders can help.

This is my first Ducati. Prior to this I had a VTR250, BMW F650GS and a Tiger 1050.

So my questions are the following:
1) The bike has the DP pipes but I am not sure about the ECU. It definitely has a standard air filter. I got some numbers from the ECU, but I can't relate them to any numbers from this forum. The open side is 2216ED04 (EU) and the battery side is ST3DUCATI035. The sticker underneath is 61601.144.02, 749S, DUCATI 019.
I know my bike falls in the serial number range for the bulletin re surging, but I am not sure if it has had the work done. Could someone tell me what these numbers mean or point me to the bit of the ECU which I can check on?

2) The bike has a bit of a surge between 4K-5.5K at a constant throttle and I get a few burbles and farts (which sound great). When I have close the throttle for slowing down it is a little bit jerky and I get quite a few more burbles and farts. Under load, at low speeds, or at idle it's fine and smooth. Power delivery is fine too.
So is this just normal Ducati behavior or should it be smoother? Also, how sensitive are these bikes to service intervals as I really don't think it's been serviced in a while.

Apart from that, I have downloaded the service manual which is awesome with the photos and not hand-drawn images.

I love the bike so far and must thank this forum for the assistance.

Thanks all,

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