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Hi, I'm Henry. I started riding in 1981 when I was going to college in California. I was very passionate about it and owned a dozen bikes over about a ten year period, including four BMW twins and a K75S. I also had the dubious pleasure of owning a Ducati 750 Paso.

I put my motorcycle career on hold shortly after I moved from California to Montreal in 1992, following a one-way trip on my lovingly restored 1974 R75/6 into the side of a car (not my fault). Thankfully I was being pretty cautious so I wasn't injured, but the front end of the bike folded up. I didn't have the facilities to rebuild the bike myself at that point. The insurance company insisted on having the frame straightened (ugh), not replaced. After that, I felt the bike was fatally compromised and lost interest in it. I eventually moved to Massachusetts and sold the bike, my last remaining motorcycle. I never stopped dreaming about riding, though.

Over my wife's objections, I recently purchased a new 2012 Monster 1100 Evo. I just got it back from its break-in service, during which I had a 14t front sprocket installed. It's a great bike and I'm enjoying it tremendously.

FWIW, in spite of having over 100K miles riding experience, I signed up for and successfully completed the MSF Beginning Riders' course. I thought the parking lot exercises were actually quite useful. I find that my old "biker radar" habits are still intact, but I realize in retrospect that I have a lot of work to do on my cornering technique. The Monster is such a capable handler that I feel much more confident driving through corners than I ever did on my old Beemers.

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