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New Trackday trailer.

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Just got myself a new trackday trailer.. Me and my bro who lives right nearby will be sharing it.

Used 5-10 times by a buddy who has converted over to using his Minivan instead.

750Kg/1650lbs capacity and rolls really light behind the towcar (A BMW 320 Diesel)

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that is really sweet. What other securing methods are you using?
Very nice, I like the flip up top, a couple Baxleysin there would be nice, or the new pit bull rear wheel mounts even better:D
We are just going to be using canyondancers and our normal rear pitstands.
The pitstands work well if you just strap the rearwheel to them so the don´t bounce off and with 4 ratchet-style tiedowns per bike (2 forward and 2 rear) aswell as a pitstand, they aren´t real likely to fall over.

We are alos going to convert our "hook" style fasteners on the tiedown to carabiners instead. That way you don´t have to worry about something unhooking if you hit a bump.

And those chocks that are on the trailer now, we´ll have a look at so that they can be taken out easily.. That way i can use it for other stuff like furniture, hauling trash and whatever else that doesn´t fit in the car.

great looking trailer. do the walls come out? if they do, it would make a great sunshade between sessions.
That's awesome...

And know what's funny? BMW over here doesn't recommend the 3-series to tow at all.
Nope.. The sides don´t fold out, but we are going to hang some lightweight material from the top that folds up, so we should be set for shade anyway. And if it starts raining, just put the top down, but leave the ramp open and you can easily sit inside.

That´s funny, since they are considered to be a VERY good towvehicle here in Europe. The one i have is an E46 2002 320 Diesel Touring (auto) Pic: http://www.ducati.ms/gallery/files/8/0/2/6/bmw2.jpg
The small 2liter TurboDiesel delivers 180 HP and about 290 ft/lbs (or 390nm) of torque and even with this trailer i get 30+ MPG when cruising at 60 MPH on the freeway (people in the US never believe that, but it´s true.. 7L/100km)

Funny thing is that it´s rated BY BMW to trailer 1600kg/3500LBS when using the NEW CAR OPTION ball hitch.

It's common for North American companies not to rate their vehicles for towing. I think it's fear of litigation. The only companies that provide tow ratings for their smaller vehicles are VW, Toyota and Hyundai. Everyone else shies away.
Example: I asked Subaru about towing capacity of the new Impreza (because I know it can tow 1000kg with a much smaller engine in the UK) and they replied that they'd invalidate my warranty if I mount a hitch. :)

BTW: I love the BMW Touring. Fantastic vehicles. And the Audi Avants.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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