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New to the forums and Ducati's...

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Hey guys, I have been in the market for a bike for a while now and I think I have narrowed it down to the SS800. The local dealership here offers a racing program where I can get a brand new SS800 for $7200. The only thing is that there is no warrenty. The regular price would be $8500 or so. That's a lot of savings, that'll buy quite a few parts and some labor. Also, I really would do a lot of the work myself. I enjoy that kind of thing.

As far as what I want to do with the bike...

Traffic is crazy here in Virginia Beach. The street riding would be saved for only nice days when traffic is at a minimum. I really want to do a lot of track days with it. I live only 3 hours from VIR and Corner Speed is there quite often.

I've heard wonderful things about Ducati's. It seems a lot of people tend to think they are unrealilable and overpriced. But it seems to me that a brand new SS800 for $7200 is a hell of a deal.

So for a track and street bike, the SS800 seems to be the bike for me.

I looked into new Jap bikes like the R6 or CBR600, but I just think I would be happier with a Duc.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi. I'll probably be placing the order in a few days.

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FWIW, I wouldn't be buying a Duc if my primary interest was racing. especially an 800ss. If I were you I'd buy a 600cc Bike (yamaha, honda). Parts are plentiful and cheaper (especially used). I wouldn't say maintenance is less, because if you are racing you're going to be doing alot of wrenching. But a stock 600 of a year or 3 ago will stomp an 800ss without alot of work. A duc IS easier to ride fast as the power band is wider but I wouldn't consider it competitive off the shelf nor the easiest/ least expensive option.
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