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I have a 2001 Monster S4 with a broken immobilizer. I got 15 years out of it which seems better than most immobilizers from what I read. This is my 5th street bike in my life. I've learned to do some wrenching on this bike thanks to a lack of dealers anywhere near me. Did the MPB collets, that was fun. Cored and shortened the stock cans, that was actually fun.

Now I'm building my first custom motorcycle, a 1970 Yamaha XS650. I re-phased the motor and converted it to mono shock. I had to sand bend the tubing. It's a PITA but even cheap tube benders aren't cheap. I tried to attach some pictures, we'll if it works.

I'm here to post a question about grounding the #33 pin on the body side of my ECU, so as soon as they let me start new threads, I'll be asking y'all for help. I can't wait to get my S4 running again. I love the motor.



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