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The 3800-4000 rpm stumble has been discussed many times on this forum, and appears to be as ECU issue (as stated above). You can make it less noticeable, but generally you can't get it to go away.

This "tank" of gas... how many GALLONS did it take to refill it?
Yes, that is the key question. I've heard of the yellow "reserve" light coming on far too early. Mine comes on after I've gone through about 3.0 gallons of gas, which is usually around 140-160 miles. Typically, I'm getting 42-47 mpg with slip-ons, eprom, airbox mod, and a 14/41 (or 14/42) gear ratio. The lowest I ever got was 38 mpg, and that was with all the above mods, riding two-up, and some pretty spirited mountain twsty road riding.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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