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A friend's 1998 ST2 had some crappy running between 3500 and 4000rpm. That turned out to be a bad TPS. (Throttle Position Sensor)

In general, I think you need to go down a gear, and get up OVER 4000 rpm for average riding. Especially in the higher gears. Mine didn't like 4000rpm in 5th or 6th gears. you can see the gauges start to flutter about when adding throttle. 4500 to 5K was much better. gotta be careful, though 'cuz that gives to about 80mph with 15/42 sprockets!

This "tank" of gas... how many GALLONS did it take to refill it? If you stop right when the fuel light comes on, it typically takes about 4 gallons to refill. LOOK AT YOUR MANUAL (or grab one on-line at Ducati.com--the MY2000 is very similar to 1998).

The manual says 5.4 gallons. Guess what? I just put 5.39 gallons in me ST4S the other day. I'd say it was pretty dry at that point. What I usually do is when the light comes on, usually somewhere between 140 or 170 miles (depending on city/hwy driving). I ADD 40 miles in my head, to get me closer to a 5 gallon refill...

My ST2 was getting around 40mpg typically, or about 52mpg on a trip. This was with the DP chip, open airbox lid, and DP exhaust. And I always used regular grade gas--never had any ping/knock problems--engine was never apart in the 52,000 miles of ownership.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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