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Howdy Peeps!
I went on a long trip to Greater Denver, CO, and then up to WY, SD, etc. last month.
Arrived in Loveland, CO on my Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX, but I was having some very lousy / rough running with it. It turned out to be the exhaust gasket in the Y pipe area. This is the 5th time this POS blew out on my. Twice under warranty, and my last bandaid for it was using a coffee can strip of steel that I wrapped around the inner pipe, and shoved it into the gap, and then clamped it. There are other 'Guzzi (un)engineered quirks that I've dealt with over the years, so:

Make a long story short, Erico Motorsports in Denver did not have this gasket in stock (they were great having me bring it in so that they could plug in to read the "bad Lambda 1 and 2 errors").

They had a used 2013 MTS sitting on the floor, and I ended up trading my Goose for this DUC!

Wow, This is what a 1200cc engine SHOULD do! Made my Stelvio feel like a boat anchor.

Anyway, I have a weird issue with the right side pannier. We had great weather until the return trip heading back East. Heavy rain for 2 days of riding. I noticed that the right bag seemed to be damp. No biggie I thought, with all that rain.
BUT, the bag continues to be drippy humid inside. So much that I soaked my foul weather gear that was being stored inside. And this is DAYS after the storm. It's been dry for days here, but it continues to have humidity/condensation inside the bag.

I believe the water is being stored up in the latch/handle area of the bag, and maybe even dripping from the screw heads that are up top there (on the inside).

And, the bags are NEW. Sounded like a customer came into Erico's, bought a Pike's Peak model, but he NEEDED luggage. So they sent him off with the bags from this 2013, and then ordered new bags for this bike. (Erico somehow managed to get the bags keyed the same as the gas cap and seat tumblers! So only one key for everything.)

I have a call into their shop today to see how to resolve this. New accessories should be warrantied, I would think...

Anybody else have any issues with damp or wet conditions inside the right pannier?

I did a few searches in the MTS area, but found nothing.
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