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1994 900SS CR, 2002 998 Trackbike
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The bike starts fine when cold, first try. Idle is good as well. The issue I consistently have is that it will not start hot on first attempt. If I shut the engine down and restart within less than a minute or so, it fires right up. However, if I wait longer, such as when getting gas, it won't fire. I have to turn the ignition off, wait 20 seconds, turn the ignition back on, and it will start every time. I assume this isn't normal.

It does crank over fine, maybe not quite as lively as it should due to the undersized stock starter wiring, so that is something I should probably address. Battery is almost new. However if it is that, I'm not sure why it would then start on the second attempt, after turning the ignition off and on again.

I am wondering if this could be some sort of fuel pressure thing, too - re-setting the ignition causes the pump to prime again.

Some background, this is this bike here: http://www.ducati.ms/forums/56-superbikes/705082-what-2002-998-worth-canada.html

Despite it's colourful history is actually runs great. Cold starts and idle are great, it doesn't sputter or miss, pulls clean from low RPM, and runs into the (harsh!) rev limiter in 6th with a 14t countershaft sprocket. It did have a Power Commander III attached at some point in the past, the velcro is still under the seat, and the instruction manual was in the paperwork. There are some things going on with the wiring harness that I haven't figured out yet, however all the electrics seem to work fine. I have dealer receipts for a valve check and adjustment done about 5000k miles ago.
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