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Hi there. I'm not new to forums, really, as I've trolled a many gaining tons of info on all sorts of topics, I've never posted anything, ever.

I hope I'm allowed to be on this forum - - - as I don't YET own a Ducati. I've been riding since I was 18 years old, and I'm 49 now. I've owned everything - several metrics, before I could afford more. After several Harleys I decided to move up in technology and went to a BMW R1200GS adventure. Loved it, but it was just too much for the daily commute (although I bet I would've much better enjoyed the NON-Adventure version of that bike for my purposes). Sold that for my current 2016 BMW R1200R (naked roadster). And I really like this bike. It really meets all my needs. Well except one: my wife hates riding on the pillion. She needs a backrest and a little more room.

But forever I've been eyeing the Multistrada. Very similar to my R1200GS, but seems more refined. And it has a removeable top box to give my wife the backrest she so wants. So I went out for a test ride last week on a new 1260S touring. Holy Crap! The most fun I've had on a bike ever. So I came home and told the wife - and now I'm saving to pay cash for that beautiful beast.

So here I am, doing my research. I hope I can join the club a little early. I'm pulling this trigger...its just going to take me a couple months as I don't do the financing thing.
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