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New to forum, but glad I found it!

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New to the forum here! Looks great! Lots of info and friendly advice, nice to see. I have a '96 SS/CR that I bought new. Roughly 30k on it and loved every mile. This thing fits me like a glove.

I have the basic mods; jet kit, filter w/ no lid, FBF slip ons, steel braided lines...

Question is: what next??? Not sure what would give me the most bang for my buck. (its the bucks that is the problem) What exactly would a lightened flywheel do for me? Obviously spin up quicker, but are there any negatives to it??
Is there anything to be gained in the clutch department? I have replaced the disks, but cover and all are original...
Also, is there anybody that sells performance 'headers' that run to the stock locations and what kind of gain would we be talking about? FBF used to do a full system, but I couldn't afford it at the time.

Enough questions for now, thanks in advance!!!
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Re: the lightened flywheel, the folks at BCM recommended that I forego one of the 8 oz. flywheels like a Nichols and have mine lightened to about 2 lbs. I think the stock one is 4+ lbs. I found the lightened flywheel to be a good, streetable compormise and much less expensive. I think it cost me approx. $85. I'd ridden a '95 CR with the Nichols flywheel and it felt like I had lost that nice flywheel momentum that is so good for the street. FWIW.

lighter wheels!....best bang for the buck!
Lighter wheels, and suspension upgrade.

If you are a torque junky and have the dough, a 944 kit with Keihin Carbs is really a hoot. I put them on my Monster with Mag wheels, lightened clutch basket, lightened fly wheel. Was pulling out yesterday on a country rode next to where I live and some bikes were coming up the road in the opposite direction. I shifted into second gear rolled on the throttle lifting the front wheel effortlessly. What fun to feel to feel power like that. I know its expensive to buy it all, but worth it if you like the feel of that sort of thing.

For the street I'd go for suspension mods. The CR has non-adjustable forks so upgrades are limited to springs & fork oil changes. Or...you could find a set of used Ohlins SBK forks. They will fit with some minor mods. Or a used set of adjustable Showas from an SP or Monster and you can revalve and change springs for your weight.

Lots of options for the rear shock depending on how much $$ you want to spend. You can get a Showa and have it revalved and sprung for your weight for around $400 or go for a new Ohlins or Penske for $800 or so.

Lighter wheels are a great upgrade but more bang for the buck on the track than the street, imo and pretty big $$ as well. You'll notice the improvement in suspension mods on you 1st ride. Really takes out the harshness and adds control in all situations. Much better ride.

Then you can have some fun with the motor like flat slides or hi comp pistons or a 944 kit... :) :)
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