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Hi all, I live in a small farm town near Toledo, Ohio and go to school at Michigan State University. I've been a car guy since high school, but I got into bikes a couple of years ago.

Up until this week, I'd always been into older Hondas. My first bike was a '73 CB750 that I gave the cafe racer treatment to. Since then, I've put together a handful of bikes. Here's a couple pictures:

Anyway, the reason I'm here is that I stumbled upon a great deal on a '99 900SS on craigslist and ended up bringing it home a few days ago. Here's the only picture I have at the moment:

Its in real nice condition, but it had been buried in a storage unit for 6 years, so of course there are a few issues. So far I've replaced the plugs, replaced the battery, changed the oil, changed the timing belts, siphoned out all the gas and replaced it with 93 with some injector cleaner, and put a little under 100 miles on it.

Its slowly running smoother, but its still kinda rough, especially under 4k RPM. Also, around 5k RPM it doesn't always rev down when I pull the clutch in. I think these might still be symptoms of the nasty old gas in the system, but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure if the lines on the bottom of the fuel tank are routed correctly, as one of them is capped off and when I filled up the bike dumped a bunch of fuel everywhere after a short ride.

I'm hoping I can get these few issues sorted out because I'm really loving this bike so far.
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