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Yup, I finally joined this wonderful forum. I'v owned a number of Ducati motorcycles and my current one is 2005 ST4s, Red. It has a bunch of tasteful upgrades from the previous owner: Sargent Seat, Sil Moto Titanium cans, CycleCat Rear Sets and Bar Risers. Sitting in pieces at this moment as I install a stainless steel fastener kit and Pilot Road 4 rubber. Also adding LED bar under the front cowl, and a real horn. She'll be ready to roll for the Fall Riding (my favorite riding season).

So, I'm looking to improve my riding position and hoping one of you has a set of stock ST3 style risers/bars. I read there are a certain vintage that are prone to cracking, so I'm not interested in that one. But if you have the later model stock set, I would like to buy them. I prefer the slightly more aggressive riding posture.

BTW, this is my 2nd Duc ST. I have owned 24 bikes so far I've past 45 years and my last ST was in 2000. Of all the bikes I've owned, the ST sits at the top of the list of favorite all-time (close tie with 2009 BMW GS1200), so, last Spring I searched for a 2005 "ST4s" because I figured it was the latest evolution of the model, so it would be the best. I hate to say it is almost too refined- almost like a Ducati H-O-N-D-A. Sorry. I would prefer the dry clutch. Though the suspension is amazing insanely good. It really is the ideal, all-purpose street bike.

Please send me a note if you have a set of stock risers/bars I can buy. Thanks.
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