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Hey everyone. Long time motorcyclists here (since 12). This is my first Ducati.
I moved to Japan about 2.5 years ago from Kentucky and thought I wouldn't stay this long. I really missed riding the whole time, but really didn't want to sell my R1 back home. My brother recently offered to buy it and would sell it back to me if I ever came back, so I sold it and took the money and started looking for a bike. I've been looking for several months and finally saw this 1098 pop up online and met the seller the next morning to check it out. I thought it was a steal for $4900. It has 40K km (25,000 miles), but as far as I'm concerned that means the previous owner was doing his maintenance or else he wouldn't have been able to ride so much.

I'm super stoked to be on two wheels again after 2.5 years. I can't wait. I'm going to pick up the bike soon and move it to storage, because ACTUALLY I don't have my license in Japan yet and it takes about 3 weeks to get if I take 2 hours of class every day...

・I have some questions I'd like to ask since I can't post in the other boards yet.

・I'll be doing a lot of touring/commuting. Is the best seat a sergeant seat?

・If I drill the stem nut to attach a RAM mount can I drill with the stem-nut still in or does it need to be removed? It seems like I could just catch the shavings with a box or something underneath. If it's better I could do a pannigale nut if that fits. A guy here drilled his, but removed it first.

・Is reversing the Right and Left clip-on clamps advisable? Will they be flat, or V-shaped? I don't want to ride around with my palms facing out and no control.

・Any advice for longevity? I heard the rectifier should be moved. I'm going to swap in LED headlights, an integrated turn signal, and wire a GPS with a fuse-tap to the brake-light. I did this all on my Japanese bikes with no issues. Let me know if these make Ducati's explode.


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