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New testastretta engine

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So, who's hanging out waiting for the new S4Rs with the Testastretta engine? Any thoughts or comments? Or better yet the Hypermotard!? :p
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zooom said:
I personally think if the S4Rs had a different radiator instead of the usual incredulously ugly parts bin bolt on one...I'd think about it with one of the 1st things to do would be to put in some MBP collets.....but I think instead I'll keep my eyes fixed waiting for the HyperMotard...
Yea, what he said! I agree completely. I can't believe they continue to stick that ugly POS on the front of that bike. It's no big deal when it's covered by all the plastics but on a nekid bike? Come-on guys, put a little work into this. I mean it. Even Harley did some beautification when they had to hang a radiator on the front of their bikes.
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