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I'm curious. Is it only Ducati that as problem with ethanol or do you see the same problem with suzuki, yamaha, honda etc etc???

The problem was not resolved for the 2012 bikes??

If the bike was a true racing bike i could understand wanting to lose 3 to 4 pounds but this is a streetfighter, not a GP bike. Try a treadmill you could save 10 pounds lolllll

My 2 cents
It's a bigger problem with the Ducati (especially the Sport Classics and the Sf), because unlike the Japanese superbikes, the tank itself is the major styling element, whereas on the Japanese bikes there is usually a plastic cover over the tank itself - thus you never see if the tank is distorting due to the ethanol fuels.

The way Ducati "resolved"the problem on newer bikes was to use a smaller tank that did not exhibit the problem as readily as did the larger tank.

For pure performance, the best way to spend money is to look for lighter wheels - they have repeatedly been shown to offer the best bang for your dollar. But in terms of a value investment, the alloy tank will be a big selling feature in the future, as it resolves a potential problem in the future.

And you're right - losing ten pounds will likely make you faster, if for no other reason than you're more fit!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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