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Hi guys,

I recently purchased a Dark 2007 S4R Testastretta.. with only 2,000 miles on her..

I come from a strong car background (and i'm a shade tree mechanic)

I love being unique and dif.. I have 3 RX-7's... and love the uniqueness of the Rotary engine
which is one of the reasons I chose the L-Twin over the 4 pot

I just have a couple questions for you:

I'm looking for something that I can wear in the heat...

I live in the middle east and it basically never gets cold here except for a month or so in the dead of winter when it's humid and your out in the middle of the desert then u might be able to wear full leathers...

right now it's in the 90's *F outside

is it enough to wear body armour? or does it have to have a jacket over it?

I'm looking to do the Cat replacement pipe, to clean up the look of the bike, shed a couple lbs, and add some more sound...

but leave the stock slip-ons as is.. (not ready to core them just yet)

Has anyone tried this? how does it sound?

does removing the cat change flow enough to require ECU work?

is the Bike as smart as a car? will the 02 sensors notice the lack of Cat and throw a CEL (Check Engine Light) ?

any other general comments?

Thanks guys

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I hope someone from the southwest of the US answers you on the outerwear in the heat question, since I live in a 4 seasons area of the US, but here's my take on it:
Some people wear extremely vented or mesh jackets and outerwear in hot and dry conditions. I think there are some problems with this. Mainly, if its extremely hot and dry, the air passing over the skin evaporates your sweat. Your skin senses the sweat has been removed and creates more. You can dehydrate to the point of becoming daffed (inability to think straight) and bring yourself to a dangerous condition, without knowing it.

I like to wear lightweight and only somewhat vented jackets (zippered slits) that incorporate crash protection but still block the wind more so than a open mesh cloth would. I sweat, wetting the skin, but don't allow it to evaporate at a high rate. Maybe a little counter-intuative, but typically once your body has wet the skin with sweat, it slows the production of more until it evaporates. I figure it slows dehydration and I don't keep building heat in the jacket as some contend. Riding in hot weather is well... hot.

I just suggest a balance between body hydration and rate of evaporation, especially in a desert condition. I have a friend in the SW of the States who uses the addition of those pre-wetted vests and neck rolls that allow the skin to feel wet (therefore slowing the sweat output), allowing for the cooling effects of the evaporation and thus a cooler feeling. They claim success with the products. They suppliment their sweat. Also, drink drink drink to keep your hydration up. Maybe a drink system is in order, such as a Camelbak or other product of this type.

I don't think that removing your CAT will create more sound or really increase flow. It would merely reduce some weight and that cow udder look of the darn thing. But you would also possibly remove the sensor that gives feedback to the ECU and cause runnability issues and that light on the dash to illuminate.

There are tons of forum threads about the exhaust system modifications in this forum and the others such as the Supersports areas to have you reading until your eyes hurt. Do a few searches and dive in. Mostly what folks do is either do a muffler change or the entire system.

There is a guy that has created a means by which the O-2 sensor input can be altered to help illiminate the lower rpm runnability issues that seem to plague these style engines with FI. Like I said, do a few searches and you'll get the drift of the most common mod's, the results and cost.

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the fatduc 02 manipulator....and get pipes. no S4R deserves to be quiet.
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