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Hi all,

Totally newbie to motorcycles here. Actually just completed my MSF basic course this weekend. I was originally planning to get a cheap japanese bike to start things off. But since I didn't find the course challenging at all, figured might as well get myself something that I won't be bored with after a few weeks. And the Monster 696/796 are high on my list. I have heard conflict reports on whether the 696 or 796 are good beginner bikes. So it would be great if you guys can offer some opinion. Just FYI, I am about 160lbs, 5 ft 9, 32 in seam.

The sales guy pointed me to a 2010 696 with 5000 miles that they have at the moment. It looks practically new. I was told them could be able to sell it to me at around $8000 OTD. Is that a good price? Also, this is my first time buying used motorcycles/cars? What are some of the things that I should check on the Monsters and some of the information I should ask from the dealer before buying?

Sorry for the loads of questions!
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