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I have put about 50 miles on it now. Ill be honest, I have never actually ridden a hyper. I just really wanted an EVO engine and I wanted more leg room than a monster. I have always loved how hypers looked too. Its great! The long travel really sorts out the rough roads.

The engine runs awesome. Oil isnt leaking anymore and it is absolutely savage. I have been getting compliments every day since sunday as well!

It has one fueling issue (I am not surprised because of the custom exhaust). on decel, if its engine braking, and then i give it about 5% throttle at 4k rpm - it will backfire. That is the only hiccup.

The bike is absolutely awesome otherwise. So I just need to waterproof the ignition and fix fueling. I am wondering if I should just take it to a dyno instead of guessing on maps.
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