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I now have the Panigale Inlet Closer Shims in stock. Ducati came up with a brand new closer shim design for the Inlet Valve Closer Shims. It looks similar to the closer shims used in the "R" bikes. The "keepers" are a clam shell design and when installed on the valve stem have a male taper shape. The shim has a female taper inside that mates with the outside surface of the keepers. The two tapers lock when installed. The valve stem diameter is the same size as the older 4V bikes (6.8 mm). The shims range in size from 4.00 mm to 5.25 mm. They are measured with a gage ball as seen in the attached pics. Shims are made from A2 Tool steel and through hardened after machining to Rc 64, same specs as all my other valve shims.

The Exhaust Valves use the standard 7 mm Closer shims used on all the other 4V bikes.



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