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New holder tool that fits all 6 mm valve stem bikes (749R, 04'-06' 999R, 04' and later 749S, 1098R).

The 6 mm valved bikes use closer shims that taper lock onto the retainers. The valve stem must be held from moving, and a slight impact is needed to unlock the closer shims. This tool allows you to hold the valve stem to tap on the closer shim to unlock it. Otherwise you have to remove the head and hold the valves from inside the head to release the closer shims.

The jaws of the tool are welded onto bent nose vice grips and made of mild steel so it wont scratch the valve stems. The diameter of the hole when the vice grips are clamped around the valve is exactly the diameter of the stem to provide sufficient grip.

With the closing rocker depressed the tool clamps just under the closer shim and also prevents the stem from dropping into the combustion chamber after the closer shim is released.


Will be up on my website in a few days.

First pic- Show the tool

Second pic- Tool clamped onto 6 mm valve stem with closer shim

Third pic- In use on a testastretta head.


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