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For all of you who have had run-ins or miss dealings with Johnny Nguyen @ Wynn Motorsports, Garden Grove may take this as good news and long time coming....

PM from keprez on OCmoto.com on 8/7/09

"Just so you know the one that goes by johnny is no longer a part of this shop!

thats right we bought him out!! He no longer owns any part of the company, I do!

so spread the word, Johnny Nguyen is gone!!!

So i would like to meet you, come to the event.... 8-22-09

Its under bike nights, its our grand re-opening event"

We shall stay vigilant for people who use the motorcycle community for personal gains through questionable practices!
And we promise to expose them when ever possible to the full extant of our powers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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