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I just got a 2019 Pikes Peak and thought I'd drop in and say "hi". I had a 2011 Multistrada 1200 S (black with the carbon beak) and loved it. However, back then, I was starting to do more trips off-road and it was not great for that (to say the least).

I sold the Multistrada, got a KTM Adventure, rode that for a few years, didn't ride for a few more, sold it, got another Adventure recently and a Husky 701 soon after. Weirdly, the Husky has lead me back to the Multistrada: it turns out that for me, there's a ton of overlap between the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R and the Husky. The Husky is actually really comfortable on the freeway and doesn't have any more vibration at speed (up to 70 or so) than the KTM. Of course, it's much better off-road. I'm in the process of adding an auxiliary fuel tank to the Husky, which will close one gap.

So I decided to ditch the KTM and end up with two bikes: Multistrada and Husky. (Actually, I'm just about to put up the KTM for sale; let me know if you're interested.)

I'm amazed at what a big difference there is between the 2011 Multistrada and the 2019. I remember the 2011 being super, super fun: the best ride I've ever had was on it on the way to Death Valley, going through Sequoia National Park along Hwy 198. But it was kind of industrial, particularly at low revs. I jumped on the 2019 last night to take it home - without even a test ride! - and was blown away at how smooth it is at all revs. I would have liked electronic suspension - there's a lot of crappy roads where I love - but the Pikes Peak version is very cool looking.

I'm now looking for a tail tidy and tank bag for the bike but mostly I'm just going to ride the heck out of it.

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