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I´m a reborn Ducati Owner (previous 848) with kids growing up and wife finally giving me thumbs up for a bike again. I´ve spent this winter looking at bikes from very low cost up to the V4S and finally decided to go for a red Multistrada 1260S.

Been doing quite a few trackdays and some RR training sessions but after passing 40 I noticed my body no longer really likes being horizontal on a bike for more than a few moments! So, without ever trying a Multistrada I visited Eker Performance 2 times and the final run ended with a signature on a paper.

The order ended with the 1260S, the Strada C3 outfit, the Ducati Horizon Modular helmet, Touring and Urban pack, heated grips, center stand and the 2 year warranty. My ego jumped up a bit and the wallet shrunk a bit.

Running in period at the moment, so I´m trying to hold back till I get it serviced this week.

Went for a ride with some local Ducatisti this saturday. The leader held a nice pace on roads he was familiar with. First time for me and some of the others and some felt the pace a bit too high. The Multi surprised me with agility and sportyness I did not really expect. So planted and so easy to drive fast on small roads. With the agile engine I could keep it in 3. gear a lot of the time, pulling hard from low revs to the rev-limit at 7K (yes, it is limited for the first 1000km). I chose Touring when it got bumpy and switched to Sport when the surface was smooth.

As this is my first "touring bike" I´m still getting used to the riding position but I have to say this thing really grows on me and when I put my leathers on the knee sliders will be used quite often I guess.

I put the seat to the low setting (allowing the wifey to use use it) and I actually really like sitting more "in" the bike. And, the pillon also sits higher than the rider for a better view.

Really looking forward to riding it more, getting some more trackdays under my belt and get to know the beast even better.

Best Regards
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