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Hi All,
New member from the UK, always wanted a Ducati, but never had the time and money until now.
Picked up a '97 ST2 (a.k.a 'The Duchess', which needs a good deal of TLC. First idea was to restore to original condition, but after viewing a few threads here I have decided to go down the naked route. Apart from anything else the thing is so damn heavy so could do with losing a few pounds.

So far I have collected the following:-
Monster top yoke
Monster headlight
ST4s wheels
ST4s Ohlins shock
Monster belly pan
Monster indicators...
All monster parts from an '06
Going to add some custom parts of my own...

Seat cowl in glass fibre
Aluminium tail tidy..

Lots of work to do on wiring...and hiding all the ugly stuff that used to lurk behind the plastics, but looking forward to the challenge.
Naturally i will be seeking advice from senior members in due course, so thanks in advance...


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Hi Dunc and welcome to Ducati.ms. I know everyone will be looking forward to seeing the progress on the build and weight loss.
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