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Hello everyone. My name is Saint and I'm an alco..... wait, I mean fellow enthusist. :) I've been thinking about upgrading and I've always LOVED the Ducati's so I went to the local Duc shop and found a gem but wanted to get the pro's opinions before I pull the trigger. I found a 2008 1098S with ~1500 miles. She has a few mods but nothing crazy: double bubble, tour pak heli bars, aftermarket seat. Asking price is $15k with close to $16k OTD. I'm told the previous owner was 50yrs old and by looking at the chicken strips he didn't ride it much. Of course I'm wondering if the price is right but I'm also wondering about an 08S VS an 09 1198 would be the way to go? I asked the salesman, a Class 2/B instructor at a local track, and he offered the opinion of getting the 1098S over the 1198. Thoughts? I don't plan on tracking this bike. My main purpose would be street riding and to ride in style. :) I'm leaning towards the 1098S since the 1198S is still out of my budget. Let me know what you guys think and be honest. Thanks!

One last thought, I didn't mention this before but would waiting till early 2010 and getting a used 09 1198S be feasable? The $22k stickers scare me but if they came down to say $17-18k (speculating of course) for a relatively low mile bike I'd be interested in that for the traction control feature of the 09S's.

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