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Hi folks, I from Ont Canada and love to ride. A recent accident totalled my heavely modded 1989 ZX10. Guy ran a yellow and I got introduced to his front quarter panel. Bike is a writeoff, I got to feel what a 30ft flight feels like and how hard the ground is, trust me... its hard..... no road rash, nothing broken, nothing torn just some huge bruises, sprained wrist and knee.... was wearing all my gear including boots..... I go soo lucky guys, please wear your gear!!!!!

Onto why I am here.......
with my zx10 gone I am looking to switch teams. Been looking at some Ducati's. I have been warned by some people that the 2000 to 2005's are potentially heavy on repair costs due to bad chroming on the cams and issues with the belts. If anybody can give me some insider information that would be extrememly appreciated....



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