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New Member: Opinions needed with 749 purchase advice. Thank you :)

Hey guys,
I am a new member, have been looking at Ducatis for a while and am finally ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. I need some help with deciding if this is a good deal.
The bike in question is a 2006 749 that needs some TLC.
Here is the description:

2006 Ducati 749 Biposto with 12730miles. The motorcycle starts and runs. Recently changed the oil and oil filter, the chain, brake and clutch fluid, coolant and battery.
The negative:
- fuel tank is rusted
- Needs tires front and rear
- Rear brake master is not working
- Missing Some Fairing bolts
- Right Fork may need to be replaced.
- Small Oil Leak (could be an O-Ring from the tube connecting to the oil cooler)

The motorcycle is non-op at the moment and is a clean title. Will tow it if needed/desired.
Asking $2,500 obo.

The fairings on the right side have to be changed up as well as they are cracked as the bike was laid down when making a 90 degree turn.

Any insight or opinion would be highly appreciated.


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It also needs belts and a valve adjustment, and probably a re-do of everything done to it so far. That's a $2000 bike...MAX. Id offer $1500.

Welcome to the forum. :) You might want to post this whole thing in the Superbike section for the most model-specific eyes.

Please fill out your location information in the User CP and enjoy the site!
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