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Hi Guys! Awesome site you guys have here!

I'm Alex and I'm from the Philippines. I'm looking to get my very first Ducati this month. I'm choosing between a Monster 796 and an 848 Evo. It will be used as my alternate ride to the office. My past rides were a Yamaha R6, A BMW CS650 and a Vespa 150LX.

I'm leaning towards the Monster 796 because I'm about to hit the big "40" already but I'm also thinking of the "smiles and grins" I got every time I rode my R6 before.

Any ideas, suggestions and advice from you guys would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for the replies guys!

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Alex - Your about to enter a very special event regardless of the Ducati you buy. But, if it was me I would NOT buy one that has a NON Metal fuel tank, unless they give you a life time certificate of guarantee the the tank will be replaced in your color labor free for a long as you own the motorcycle.

Plastic and composit fuel tanks on Ducati's are nothing but trouble and the company has dealt with them case by case and not always in the owners favor and usually the replacement will fail and after a couple tanks they stop covering the problem. This situation sucks.I can afford a new Ducati but will not buy one that has a non metal tank. My 2 cents, be warned. Audi needs to make a product statement here and now.

I lived in your country for a year on base at Cubi Point on the Subic Airbase many years ago and spent lots of time in Olongapo and Manila.

Good luck and if your run into any snags, I'm sure someone on here with try to help.

George in Delaware :)
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