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I registered back in April of 2015 a couple of days after buying a red 2014 Hyperstrada 821 but never followed through w/an official introduction here...my bad.

I kept the Strada about 1 year, then traded it in on a new, red 2015 Monster 1200S. While I love the Monster's sound and much greater torque, everywhere, I do miss the playfulness of the Strada and am Jonesing for a 939SP, so I may bite the bullet and buy one if the 2018 model 939SP brings no major changes.

I live in Macon, GA, so the N/GA mountains are just far enough that I never wear out my welcome there or grow tired of the roads, bikes and scenery. Normally, I am able to make 5-6 trips by now but time has been unusually scarce this year. I need to put off a project or two and get with the program, as I need my mountain riding fix.

Any members somewhat local to me are more than welcome to PM for a local ride out, as I am normally able to schedule one in every couple of weekends.

That is all for now.

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