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Hello all,

I've had my '04 ST4s since buying it in January of 2008 with 563 miles on it. (So, technically, a used bike. Heh.) I live outside of Boston, Massachusetts, in the northeast US.

The ST4s is my first Ducati, although I had designs on a 900SSCR back in the mid 90s. It's now got about 15k miles and has been used on trips to Canada and PA. I've got a few bikes, so none of them really get a lot of miles.

I've done a few small modifications; Helibar risers (because the pot metal Ducati used for their bar risers actually cracked while I was riding the bike!), a throttle lock and heated grips are the main ones.

I've been lurking here, in the Sport Touring subforum, for a while and thought it time to join. Um, OK, really that means: "I have a problem and I need to yelp for help, so ..."

Reto L.
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