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You know, beer, chocolate, waffles, beer,...
Belgium it is.

First of all; excuse me for my not-perfect English. I'm dutch speaking by nature but I'll give it a go anyway.

49 years old and after owning a Ducati M900 for five years (sold that one in 2008) I've recently bought a Ducati again. More specific; a 1997 900SS Full Fairing.
For me, the carburated Supersports are the most beautiful Ducati's among the ones that are good for daily use. (The most beautiful still is the 916 but to me that one is a bit too extreme to use as a commuter-bike.)

Registered myself here since I've used this forum a lot when searching info on my Ducati and found it to be a great help. Big thanks for that guys (and girls?)!!!

I do all the maintenance on the bike myself and wanna keep the bike in the 'original' state. I'm just upgrading it with some 'improved' stuff. No irreversible mods are made and I keep all the original parts I replace.

Besides the Bos-mufflers, the K&N air filter (OEM airbox) and a dynojet-kit and a Viking-seat, the bike was original when I bought it from a Dutch guy. I got the original mufflers and seat along with the bike.
Bike has 50000 kilometer and the engine was completely rebuild @42000 km by Henk de Boer in Holland, a respectable Ducati-mechanic.

Things in the pipeline: fitting stainless steel brake and clutch lines, an Ignitech ignition and tuning the carbs (I noticed it's running too rich when I pulled the plugs).
Things I've already done; fitted bigger starter cables (bought 25mm starter cables and asked the technical guys @work to fit good quality cable lugs, total cost; €16 :grin2: ) and replaced a ripped crankcase breather hose by a AN12 stainless steel braided one.

If more stuff is upgraded I'll let you know!!
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