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hi to all,
picked up my first Ducati about 5 weeks ago 2016 Multi w/touring pack . I've had my V-strom 1000 over 9 years and looking to replace her with something faster. Options was KTM 1190 , MTS , BMW XR and KTM SD GT. I start taking test rides , First Multi 1200 then 1190 adv and like the KTM better but after read all the bad stuff on forums just took off from my list. Multi was nice but not 22K nice to pricey.. XR was really nice, great power awesome quick shifter but I hate the seat, you have only one position. I dont like the SD GT at all and I 've ended up with 2015 FJR one of the best bike I ever owned almost perfect but it was boring. Sold the FJR After 8000 miles and almost got all my money back great resale value, thanks Yamaha!!
Anyway I went one of my local dealer to buy the Demo 2016 MTS ( highly discounted) but I was late ,someone bought that one same morning and they offer me another one with 0 miles Touring Package that payed less then what they were asking for the base demo model.
1000 miles already and loving it .


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