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Thanks for letting me join this amazing forum. I'm located in Ontario, Canada and I've just purchased my first Ducati, a 2016 Multistrada 1200S Touring (and added a matching top box at purchase).
Over the past 10yrs I've been riding mostly GSXR 600 (track) and 1000 (street) sportbikes and also a Victory Magnum bagger the past 3yrs. I sold the street and track bikes thinking having the bagger would be enough in my older age and adding a new dirtbike as well but I missed some of the corner carving abilities the sportbikes provided so I've sold the Victory and bought the Multi.
Well it's barely Spring but I've managed to get out for a quick chilly ride to get to know the bike. After initial riding impressions I scoured the latest 30 pages of Multistrada forum here and found lots of great answers to my questions (exhaust/engine tuning, setting up suspension, service).
I really love this bike so far. I went to a Ducati demo day in 2017 wanting to try a Monster 1200 (which I loved) but was surprised how much I enjoyed the MTS1200S that day.

Anyways, thanks for having me and if anyone wants to sell a dark low windshield let me know :)
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