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Steve-ooo's the name and I just got lucky! Guy came into my shop and traded in his 900ss FE for a GSXR600. 1500.00 bucks and I swiped it up! #260 with 19K on it. It has a Biposto conversion hence the low pipes and pillon pegs. I need to replace them with some OG high pipes and the bike will be all original. Needs some TLC but engine is super strong. I had an SP in 1996 and sold it. Wish I never did. It was the only bike I've owned that felt that I regret selling. I've had at least 8 bikes since and I'm stoked to have this FE. Glad to be back, folks. It's been far too long.

Taking the bike to Fontana for a track day on the 19th. Gonna take it easy and have FUN!




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