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Hi all,

I found a wrecked 2017 HyperMotard (non SP model) with roughly 1,800 milles on Copart a few months ago and took the trek from Virginia Beach down to NC to pick it up.

Looked like the guy must've looped it out and dumped it on the left side. The left footpeg bracket and peg were busted off, left tail and assembly busted off and there was a slight bend in the front rim..just enough so it wouldn't hold air lol. Being a Hyper(and picked up for $5400 after fees mind you..) I couldn't pass up getting my hands on it. Came with a Termi exhaust which I am grateful for. I've swapped out the battery holder, converted the rear end to carbon fiber where I could and am patiently waiting to get it on the road. Grew up riding and racing motocross and have an R6 to ride the streets around here on, but this will easily top anything I've owned!

I've read a lot of posts on here already over the past day or so and am looking forward to seeing what all I can do to not only enjoy the ride, but make it the most memorable bike I've owned to date.
Cheers to all!



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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