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Hello, everyone.
I posted this topic on the Diavel-forum and got a great response. I thought you all would like to see it too, since it is applicable to not just the Diavel but all bikes with the similar frame. Let me know what you think and please ask questions!

Hi, everyone.
I would like to share with everyone the new highway pegs I made for my Diavel.
First, an explanation....
I purchased my Diavel for touring. I had a Monster 796 previously and took one trip from Oregon (USA) to Arizona, and....ouch! I don't think I need to say more.
So, Diavel it was.
About two months ago I took my first 3-day trip. I simply loved the bike--was in complete bliss--except for one thing: my foot/leg position for extending cruising hours.
So, I went online, came to this site, searched for someone who sold a highway peg for the Diavel. It was a no-go. Lots of replacement pegs for the "regular" positions, but no highway peg.
I went to work....
Thankfully, my profession is metal worker. I make mainly anodized aluminum parts for table saws and miter saws, with a unique router table and CNC clamping system thrown in there.
On the trip, I went with a friend who had a Harley. Needless to say, he looked like his feet/legs were quite comfy on the trip, with the leg-forward position. I wanted the option of that position.
(The new XDiavel somewhat solves this problem, but from what I gather, there is only that leg-forward position.)
I made a peg which is somewhat unique in design. (At least I couldn't find anything like it!) It hooks into the frame with a wedge-clamp system, akin to the way bicycle handle bars used to attach to the frame. From that clamp, a 3"x12"x.25" piece of aluminum forms the extension "arm" (or "leg") in order to extend the peg's position, which allows me to extend quite nicely. Since the wedge clamp fits into the I.D. of the round tube frame, it's adjustable to literally any degree of angle, allowing for a closer peg position, or a farther one. Quite cool!
I then had them Type 3 anodized (a hard anodize) and wha-la! I am quite pleased with them. I have been cruising with the silver, un-anodized version for some time, but the black just makes everyone look sharp and finished.
As I said earlier, I searched the forums for a highway peg to buy, but nothing was satisfactory. Now I can cruise in much more comfort. Though I'd share and hopefully help some others out. Very glad to be a member of this community!
Please let me know if I can answer any questions.


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