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Hey guys! I love the naked ducati bike look and am possibly going to be purchasing one in the next day. I just had a quick question to start off. The bike I am looking at is a 2011 ducati monster 696 with roughly 4k miles. The only thing is when I lookup the vin (at multiple places) it keeps coming back as a 695cc engine? Is this normal or could the engine of been swapped from a previous 695 or even with it being 696cc'es do they show-up as 695 in vin reports? Sorry if this is a noob question... er I kinda am a noob.

Any tips when checking out, and possibly purchasing, my first ducati monster 696 would be awesome. Thank you guys and if this bike doesnt workout i know i will find one in the future!

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Don't take this as an absolute truth, but numbers sometimes lie. My 749 is really a 748cc engine. It's just that they already used the 748 name and needed something else for the new model. Hence, 749. Yours might be the same situation.

Please fill in your location info in your user profile.

Thanks and enjoy. Hope to see you on the site.
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