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Just got bit a couple of weeks ago?

Well actually I have had a crush on Ducati's for a couple of years.
Our local BMW dealer became also a Ducati dealer. For the last 2 years
my ride was a BMW R1200C C for cruiser. But actually more of a standard
than a cruiser. It had abs brakes fuel injection heated this heated that.
Anyway for a while I had been looking at a Multistrada 620. I have a bad
back so my choices are limited. One thing it must be light and nimble.
Easy to get around. Finally I asked for a test ride. That is all it took! I got
on Interstate 40 and rode 8 miles or so then got off and took some
less travled roads back. Since I owned the Beemer outright it was too dificult
Less than 2 thousand dollars plus a Bike with only7000 miles on it and
all of the sudden I was in Ducati land. Yes passion!
Many would question how a 620 could hook you . It has the same horsepower my BMW had but with 175 less pounds to pull it with.


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Arrgo said:
Thanks Brian that was a great read


that really is one of the greatest articles ever
i am in the same boat as you
the "R" is very expensive
but you can't buy a hand-built bike and motor anywhere else on earth for even twice that price
there is absolutely NO substitute of the 999R.... if you care to spend the $ to own one (which is a very good question for all of us)

good luck

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brianmdavis said:
You may want to buy the "S", buy some "Skinz", a few trick mods, clutch cover, rear sets, track tires, etc and take her to the track. I would be real hesitant to take an R to the track with the Carbon parts. The carbon fairings alone are $1800/side.

You could really do an "S" up with the difference $ between the two. Handling is the same. Your buying Motor and Carbon with the "R".

With an "S", on a low side, you wouldn't crap your pants and not sleep for a month.

Just food for thought..

My bike is so beautiful, I loose sleep with any little scratch.....
this is all so true
the hand-built motor... only comes with the "R"
how much that matters to you, is another story
please remember that the motors in the 999 and 999S are IN NO WAY related to the hand-built one in the 999R

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spalding12 said:
the hand-built motor... only comes with the "R"
I actually didn't realize the R engines were assembled any differently from the S or stock 999 engines.

Are you absolutely sure about this, spalding?

And what exactly do you mean by hand built? As opposed to what?

I know the R engine is the only 999cc engine and I know it contains more Ti parts but other than that I'd assume Ducati assembled them in just the same way they build all the other engines they produce...

But I might be wrong, off course.

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One of my favorite Duc-related quotes ever.

"Pound for ornery pound, this has got to be the most dynamically perfect motorcycle in the world."

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