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Hello all,

I just recently came into owning a 1999 748 in red. First Ducati for me, have had a few Japanese bikes in the past. I recently moved back to the USA after living abroad and so have been bikeless for a while and waiting for something to come along.

About the bike,
It was in fairly good condition when I got it but it definitely needed/needs some work to get it back up to prime condition. Probably the biggest thing of note is that the previous owner swapped the 748 motor for a 996 motor. Tires were toast so those were the first thing to be replaced. Next was adding on turn signals, as the bike had none and I don't trust drivers around here to comprehend hand signals. In the back I did decide to go integrated with the tail light both for brightness and because I didn't like the big stock ones. Sprockets and chains are next up on my list to replace since the rear sprocket is already missing a few teeth. Actually about to research good vs bad brands and suggested sizes etc right after I finish this post. If anyone happens to have a suggestion offhand its much appreciated. Other than that its just minor cosmetic stuff, missing fairing fastener etc.

More than anything just stoked to be riding again after a 5+ year hiatus.


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