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new guy here

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drove 2400 miles last week to buy my first ever street bike. 2001 996 in yellow.i have been telling myself i was going to buy a ducati for 10 years. finally did! looking forward to the tech and meeting some ducati people.
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Wow 2 new superbikes. Hope that you check in to the superbike forum and also look at the halls of wisdom (lots of good information).

Hey David keep your eyes on the SE regional forum as well, I think that there will be a WNC/SC/GA/TN/VA group ride coming up pretty soon.

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I'm not a new guy,i've had my '00 996 since Feb,02.I've done all my services, and own MANY factory Ducati tools ( including 0.6v Mathesis).I'm a tool geek and CNC machinist by trade.Wrenching is a passionate hobby for me.I'v been away from most Ducati boards for awhile fooling with my '00+'05 Buells and participating there.I'm back perusing the Ducati boards in between winter maintainance.This year (12,500 mi.) i'm doing belts again(3rd set,anal),clutch pack/basket,sprockets and a chain(cool new motion pro jumbo chain tool/w extra staking kit).Coming into this years session i envisioned cams and 1036 kit.HAHAHA! No way now.Although i find the 4v shim kits are very affordable now at less than $400.Good rockers so far,hope none are flaked this session.
Compared to other mackes these Ducatis' are very maintainance intensive,but that's NOT a bad thing.
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