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Beautiful new Supersport, enjoy!

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Welcome to the forum. Your 01 900SS brought back great memories of mine, the same year. It was my first Ducati back in 2004 and I had the most fun on it because I hooked up with a supergroup of Ducati owners and we went on weekend rides through the foothills almost every week. It was a beautifully handling bike, enough power at that time with a simpler powerplant over my later Ducatis. The best upgrade I did for the bike was to install a set of Marvic magnesium wheels I bought from Motowheels. I wanted black, but since they were discontinuing Marvics, they had only gold wheels in stock. Not the best match for a red bike, but it was OK, I got used to it. But man, what a difference in handling the lighter wheels made. I couldn't help myself when it came to upgrading the bike like many of us do here, but that is part of being a Ducatista. Have fun on your newer Supersport.
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