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Hey everyone,

I've been lusting after a 748 my whole adult life lol. I've come very close a couple of times but never pulled the trigger fast enough and they always get sold out from under me. I currently ride a RC31 or Hawk GT and love it as well but I just can't stop thinking about the 748.

I have researched a lot and it seems to me the only issue that is of real concern (I think?) is the flaking rockers. Being that there is 16 of them and they are 300/pc that could cost as much as the bike to fix! My question is how do you go about getting one and making sure this is not an issue, or is it always an issue? My local dealer has tried to get me to move to a newer model but I don't like the looks nearly as much, I fell in love with a 2000 748 and that is the style I want period.

I was hoping someone could shed some light on the whole rocker arm thing for a newb like me, I think this is why I have always been scared off of them. I don't plan on tracking or anything, just a little commuting and weekend riding is all.

Also I have found 2 candidates as of right now. One is a 2002 Bi-Posto with 0 issues and 6000 miles. Belts were done at 2700, rocker issue is unknown. Price 4200.00

The other one is the one I really want, a Bi-posto with 9K miles, guy said the previous owner said the 6000K service was done, but who knows, might not have been. It has a stutter at cruising speed other than that it fine. Again rocker issues are unknown. Price 3500.00.

I would love to pull the trigger on the monoposto, that seems like a good price to me but I am not only worried about the rockers but also the stutter, but should I worry so much at that price? Any help would be MUCH appreciated.
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