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New from Australia

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Good Morning and Happy New Year to you all
I have been around Ducatis for many years as a supplier of decals to a Ducati service centre since 1992.
I had a Honda cb 750 f1 from around 76 in the early eighties, it got stolen and I never got back on a bike until early last year. I had to pick up bikes for a couple of friends of mine who bought bikes to go and get thier licenses on. That much more of a process than it was back when I did mine, and probably for the better. Then another friend offered me his DT175, I grabbed it and converted it to12volt and put road tyres on it. After some time on that I was remembering the joys of riding, while at the same time being frustrated by not being able to keep up with traffic.
So I started thinking about a proper road bike again, much to my wifes concern. Thouhgt through what is available and in my mind settled on ST series, I discussed it with my mate at the service centre, not knowing that he personally owns an ST3s as a road bike. He was nice enough to say take mine for a ride to see if you like them as a bike. I went out for a weekend tour and was convinced. So then my mate says ST4s is the one we have to find, we looked at 5 bikes including a 3s and a 4, I was at the point of giving up due to some of the over priced neglected machines that I was seeing.
Then a yellow one came up that was out of reg for 2 years and various other things wrong including a flat battery. Made arrangements to go and see it and the owner wa to have a new battery. Arrived to find no battery, and a seller who was dissapointing in his lack of wanting to find the things needed to finish the sale. Some people need a real lesson in selling thier property but thats for another time. We eventually beat him down quite a bit on price due to us not being able to run it.
Loaded up a yellow 02 ST4s non ABS and bought it back to my mate for a full service. 2 days work for both of us, timing belts, shims, steering bearings, wheel bearings, new rear brake rotor and pads. Give everything a good clean out and take it down for rego.
So I am now the proud owner of my first and hopefully forever Ducati
'02 ST4s
with Ducati Designs Headlights (which are about to have HID added)
All there panniers colour matched
Comfort fairing
Carbon front and rear Gaurds
Carbon Chain guard
Carbon Fairing inserts
Seat retrimmed in suede
Fairing skins
And ALL the keys

So far I have put just over 1000 km on it and I am really enjoying it.

I work in the sign and decal game and am happy to give my knowledge freely.

Live in a rural area just outside of Sydney.
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Wow, nice find and a real nice ride! Sounds like the beginnings of a long, happy relationship.

Welcome to Ducati.ms!
Welcome to dot MS. Where in Australia are you?

Nice find BTW. ..........sean
Delighted that you found a great ST series bike, I still love mine after 16 years. Welcome to our little corner of the inter webs ;)
Welcome to dot MS. Where in Australia are you?

Nice find BTW. ..........sean
Hi Sean
Rural outskists SW of Sydney
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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