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Scored some Ohlins off a Sport Classic from fastfrank, gotta say thanks one more time as they are set up just like my 998s
Finally got around installing them the past few days after a trial fit.
Now they stick up past the top of the triple clamp (but other wise a straight swap), no big deal as the stock bar mounts from an ST3-4 will fit. But I opted for the Cycle Cat DBR25's because the coolness factor adds 3 lb-ft torque .
Here's the tricky part, kind of. The tab for the stock bar mounting hardware
will hit the Cycle Cats and the ST3-4 bar mounts. Simple solution was to cut them off which I did, But a top triple from a Monster would work also.
So now the ST2 has new springy things front and rear and she rails so nice!

Let the work begin

hhmmm slightly different

no threads for the fender

removed the tab

After !

Still had to do some final adjusting with the levers, switches and bars.
Now I can adjust the front like a SBK. I have two line showing but might drop the front just a tad more :D
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