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So far I have cored pipes, cored cat, disabled exhaust valve and fitted Fat Duc just bought a DP ECU and I'm wondering if there is a procedure for fitting it like do I need to disconnect the battery, will I need to take it to a garage for tuning etc. also I'm assuming when fitted I can remove the Fat Duc, will I need to disconnect and remove the Lambda sensor or can I just ignore it, the ECU is from 2 into 1 system
Will be very grateful for any advice

P.S if I don't need the Fat Duc it will be for sale
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I would definately disconnect the battery.You will at least need to reset the throttle position sensor, so unless you have the VDST, it will need to go to a shop who can.The 2-1 ECU eliminates the O2 sensor so I would remove it and plug the hole with an appropriate plug.Put the Fat Duc up for sale.
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