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Hello, everyone!

Satisfying a nearly 30 year quest for a Ducati, I recently picked up a '13 Monster 796 ABS from a friend of mine. With only 4200 miles and very few mods, it's almost a new bike.

I traveled to Italy in 2015 for an international TaeKwon-Do tournament, but took about 5 days to travel and sightsee with my family... and was amazed by all the Ducatis running around, and redoubled my efforts to get one once I got back home. We even traveled to the Ducati factory, but time wouldn't allow us to wait for, and take, the tour... although in hindsight I really wish I would have just sucked it up and did it.

Got a lot to learn... as my first non-Japanese motorcycle, things are just a little bit different!


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