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New Ducati Guy

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Good morning! I just bought into Ducati. I purchased a 2018 Ducati Monster 1200S from Ducati-Triumph NYC in SoHo. I took the MSF class in the Bronx in March and got my license. I come from a dirt bike background when I was a kid growing up in Ohio, but only recently started riding on the street.

So far, it's been about a month and I've got about 500 miles on the bike. I upgraded to a Termignoni exhaust (sounds totally different than the stock exhaust), added a bikini fairing to the front, and some odds and ends around the bike. The thing I noticed about the M1200S is that at 5K, the bike explodes and turns everything on the road into specks.

Anyway, this probably won't be my last bike. Already looking at a Hypermotard ... that looks to be a sick commuter to throw around the City. Hoping to learn from all you veteran Ducati guys and gals on this forum.


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