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new duc club in montreal...

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there is a new ducati club getting organized in montreal,
they meet on the first tuesday of every month @ ZANETTI's
around 6-7 ish,(pm).
restaurant is located on 77 shamrock ave. corner of casgrain st.
in the heart of little italy,
right across the MARCHE JEAN TALON.
the main intersection in the area would be JEAN TALON and ST. LAURENT,
SHAMROCK is one street south paralel to JEAN TALON.
CASGRAIN is two streets east paralel to ST.LAURENT.
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Hello Dino
Nat and I have yet to meet IRL, but if you're coming here during Grand Prix week end we should try to hook up. Just ping the list (PM me) prior to take off with your plans.

All the best.

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Anybody riding out of MTL in the weeks to come ? I've got some buds that want to head out around the georgian bay area but that's too far off... Based out of Tremblant, I'm lookin for some decent backroaders and twisties rides...

lemme know
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