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Hi all,

All new to biking, all new to this forum.

Just got my license and my first bike ever:
A yellow 1989 Ducati Indiana 750. I know, most of you will not even consider this a REAL Ducati, but I don't care. I love the looks, thee feeling, the sound, and the ride! :)

What I do not love is that the darn old thing is already falling apart on me, and spare parts are unobtainable! :-(

Anyway, greetings from Denmark!

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Welcome aboard !
You have the right attitude!
Make no apologies . Enjoy the bike and use this forum for all you questions, Lots of friendly people to help a fella out
Search first and see what comes up...
Post some pics and have fun!

Our pup at his new home I know it doesn't have anything to do with bikes just thought I would share:)

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